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- Pump body in 316L stainless steel
- Scrapers in food industry grade plastic
- Double rotor in 316L stainless steel
- Mechanical seal in widia
- Inlet/outlet diameter: 50 mm
- Working pressure: 15 bar
- Minimum speed of rotation: 50 rpm
- Maximum speed of rotation: 330 rpm
- Calculated capacity per revolution: 0.156 litre
- Volume conveyed at maximum speed: 2800 litres/hour
- Working temperature from –10° C to +90° C
- Rated motor output: 2.2 kw
- Reversible direction of rotation via a single-phase or three-phase inverter
- Capacity can be changed by regulating the speed of rotation
- Different types of inlet/outlets on request
- Simple construction affords excellent accessability
- Total weight: 65 kg


Suitable for conveying :
honey, glucose, syrup, jam, marmalade, chocolate, thick cream, condensed milk, milk and its derivative products, mayonnaise, margarine, yogurt, butter, melted cheese, cream, puree, fruit juices, juices, fruit concentrate and pulp, fruit and vegetable salad, tomato cubes, vegetable conserve, conserved vegetables, sauces, starch, vegetable puree, whey, conserve, fat, eggs, wine, gelatine, malt, homogenenized food, olive oil, vegetal oil.